Networking CyprusDowntime is no longer an option and demands on excellent networking continue to escalate!

Is your network infrastructure designed in a way which will deliver the results you need?

It is imperative that your infrastructure is designed to deal with increased network traffic and scaled to data and user requirements.

CyTechnology collaborates with partners such as HP and Cisco and therefore repeatedly utilises free-flowing networks without bottlenecks, ultimately delivering a balance between speed, accessibility, reliability and the highest levels of security.

If you are an IT Manager dealing with a fast growing or changing network requirements, we are here to help you!

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  • Speed

    Delivering maximum bandwith to the client.

  • Efficiency

    Prioritising business critical data and ensuring key applications that run your business (to) get the bandwidth to deliver.

  • Always-on

    Building a reliable and resilient platform is essential to the overall performance of your organisation – could you work without your network?

  • Scalable

    Scalable to allow for required growth in the future.

We Deliver

  • Infrastructure Audit & Health Checks

    We test your infrastructure thus shine a light on current limitations and potential opportunities, to ensure momentum and a speedy delivery.

  • Implementing & Advising

    We provide you with unparalleled advice for and the implementation of leased line, cabling, routing, public and private cloud, BYOD, MDM and IP technology.

  • Management Intelligence

    We offer management tools which include an in-depth insight aimed at achieving maximum efficiency in network performance, identifying bottlenecks and providing full audit trails.

  • Keeping it Green

    We care about the environment and strive to reduce your impact on the environment by using new and more advanced technology, which also, ultimately, decreases your total cost ownership.

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