Cloud Computing CyprusToday, all types of businesses are turning to Cloud Computing; a cost-effective, Internet-based thus greener, and, ultimately, more efficient way of accessing technology-enabled services.

What exactly is Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing may seem complex to understand at first as it is a relatively new yet rapidly unfolding platform being adopted by the corporate world.

What Cloud Computing does exactly is transform traditional computing methods (applications, networking, storage etc.) into a shared pool of resources through the Internet’s virtual highway as opposed to having all of your computer hardware and software located somewhere inside your company’s network.

This means that all the hardware and software, where it is all located, and how it all works is irrelevant to you, as the user, as it is all being dealt with somewhere in this “cloud” which is represented by the Internet.

How can Cloud Computing benefit my business?

Cloud Computing helps companies to:

  • Save money on large capital expenditure on hardware to deploy the services required and the human expense to operate it
  • Generate new streams of revenue through the deployment of new applications thus offering assistance to a business’ computing strategies and its overall IT infrastructures
  • Adapt IT resources into a more manageable, accessible and flexible platform upon which fast-changing business models depend
  • Become more proactive and responsive to strategic business model transformations and pave the way to new innovative opportunities

No matter what your companies’ plans are for evolving IT models and overall infrastructure, you can also take advantage of Cloud Computing services in combination with your existing on-premises platforms to:

  • Further create flexibility for your business
  • Help support increased collaboration between business and IT leaders
  • Ultimately allow your company to rapidly adjust to changing marketing dynamics on par with alternating trends.

Selecting the right type of cloud computing service is extremely important in order to allow your business to manage the right resources at the right time, safely, and with high levels of security.

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